Transcend’s e.MMC EMC210 is an Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) designed for industrial applications such as embedded systems, vehicle entertainment systems, GPS, games, email, and office applications. It is a hybrid device featuring high performance, high storage capacity and a small form factor that combines an embedded flash controller and standard MLC NAND flash memory. The EMC210 meets industrial standard e.MMC 4.51.


  • Compliant with JEDEC e.MMC Specification Ver. 4.51
  • Supports three data bus widths: 1bit (default), 4bit, 8bit
  • Uses an embedded thin memory controller and MLC NAND flash
  • Mechanical design complies with JESD84-C44 Specification
  • Dual power system
  • Core voltage (VCC) 2.7-3.6V
  • I/O (VCCQ) voltage: either 1.7-1.95V or 2.7-3.6V
  • Variable clock frequencies of 0-200 MHz
  • Supports three data bus widths: 1bit (default), 4bit, 8bit
  • Static global wear leveling
  • BCH ECC:53bit/1KB
  • RoHS compliant



Dimensions (Max.)8GB / 16GB: 11.5 mm x 13.0 mm x 1.0 mm (0.45" x 0.51" x 0.04")
32GB: 11.5 mm x 13.0 mm x 1.2 mm (0.45" x 0.51" x 0.05")
Form Factor
  • eMMC4.51 (BGA-153)


Flash Type
  • MLC NAND flash
  • 32 GB

Operating Environment

Operating Voltage
  • VCC = 2.7 ~ 3.6V
    VCCQ = 1.65 ~ 1.95V (HS200) / 2.7 ~ 3.6V
  • 500 G, 1 ms
Operating Temperature-25°C (-13°F) ~ 85°C (185°F)
Storage Temperature-40°C (-40°F) ~ 85°C (185°F)
Humidity0% ~ 95%
Vibration (Operating)20 G (peak-to-peak), 20 Hz ~ 2000 Hz (frequency)
Clock Frequency Supported0 MHz ~ 200 MHz
Bus Width Supportedx1, x4, x8
Drop Test
  • 1.5m free fall


Read Speed (Max.)140 MB/s
Write Speed (Max.)60 MB/s
Terabytes Written (Max.)36.92 TB
  • Speed may vary due to host hardware, software, usage, and storage capacity.


  • One-year Limited Warranty
Warranty Policy
  • Please click here for more information about the Transcend Warranty Policy.
  • Due to the complexity and variety of industrial applications, Transcend cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all platforms and under all scenarios. For special applications and environments, it is strongly suggested that you contact Transcend beforehand for clarification.

Order Information

  • TS32GEMC210 MLC