Transcend Launches The CFexpress 860 Type B Memory Card For Next-Level Burst Shots & Seamless 8K Recording


Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend®), a leading manufacturer of digital storage and multimedia solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the CFexpress 860 Type B memory card, specially designed for professional photographers, videographers, and filmmakers utilizing high-end cinema cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras. Boasting impressive R/W speeds of up to 1,750/1,300 MB/s and a sustained write performance of up to 1,300 MB/s, this powerful memory card is suitable for capturing continuous burst shots and smooth 8K recording, supercharging your devices and helping foster creative innovation.

Impeccable Speeds For Effortless 8K Recording

Compliant with the CFexpress 2.0 standard, Transcend’s CFexpress 860 Type B memory card showcases remarkable R/W speeds of up to 1,750/1,500 MB/s, and is backward compatible with certain XQD® devices. Moreover, the sustained write speed of up to 1,300 MB/s empowers multimedia professionals to capture 8K RAW video and high-resolution, continuous burst shots without compromising on quality.

Ample Capacity To Store Boundless Creativity

Transcend’s CFexpress 860 Type B memory card provides up to 320GB of storage capacity for capturing intricate details and uninterrupted burst shots in a variety of dynamic settings such as action sports, wildlife, and fashion photography. Its high durability ensures secure storage for large RAW files and video content for greater peace of mind.

Efficient Memory Card Management with Convenient Software Tools

Transcend RecoveRx is a free data recovery software tool that allows users to easily search for and recover deleted files from their storage devices. Transcend SSD Scope is another advanced software tool that when paired with Transcend’s RDE2 CFexpress Type B card reader, helps to ensure that your Transcend CFexpress memory card remains healthy and in optimal condition.

Transcend’s CFexpress memory card is backed by a five-year limited warranty and is rigorously tested in harsh conditions to ensure reliable operation in many different environments. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -10°C (14°F) to 70°C (158°F), delivering the utmost in both performance and stability.

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