Transcend to Present Latest Storage Products & Technologies at COMPUTEX 2023


Transcend Information, Inc., a leading provider of storage and multimedia products, is pleased to announce its participation in COMPUTEX Taipei 2023. This prestigious event will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from May 30 to June 2. Transcend will be showcasing its state-of-the-art storage products and technologies at the Storage & Management Solutions Area, Booth I0617a, 1F, Hall 1.

Transcend's innovative embedded storage solutions are used extensively in a range of industries, including healthcare, smart surveillance, 5G networks, automation, smart transportation, digital entertainment, and many more. Visitors can also look forward to experiencing Transcend's latest consumer products, including gaming SSDs, portable SSDs, dashcams, and body cameras.

As a leading proponent of environmental sustainability, Transcend remains committed to eco-friendly practices throughout all stages of product development and manufacturing. One of the company's core focuses is reducing power consumption by utilizing low-power memory modules, employing Very Low Profile (VLP) PCBs to minimize power waste, and redesigning packaging materials to reduce material waste. Additionally, Transcend has incorporated recyclable materials and green planting at our booth at COMPUTEX 2023, aligning with the event's goals and values on sustainability.

Key Highlights for Businesses at COMPUTEX 2023

SLC Mode Storage Solutions: High Durability

Transcend's SLC Mode storage products offer exceptional durability and optimal transfer speeds, making them ideal for next-gen industrial systems driven by Artificial Intelligence, edge computing, and smart IoT. These storage solutions ensure reliable performance and endurance at a cost-effective price point, delivering a perfect balance between performance and cost for businesses.

PLP & TCG Opal Technologies

Transcend's Power Loss Protection (PLP) technology guarantees data integrity even in the event of unstable power supply and/or power failure. The company also provides storage devices compliant with the TCG Opal 2.0 safety protocol, ensuring the security of sensitive data, such as patients' personal information.

Gaming SSDs & Portable SSDs

Transcend will showcase its advanced PCIe 4.0 SSDs, designed to meet the demands of passionate gamers and content creators. These SSDs offer extremely high speeds, large storage capacities, and enhanced heat dissipation with pre-installed aluminum and graphene heatsinks. Visitors can also explore Transcend's super-compact portable SSDs, offering lightning-fast speeds and high storage capacities, a reliable and convenient storage option while on the go.

Body Cameras & Dashcams

Transcend's DrivePro Body series, tailored for first responders and law enforcement personnel, will be on display at the expo. The latest model features a high-sensitivity image sensor, built-in GPS receiver, and a rugged exterior that meets military-grade shock resistance standards and has an IP68 rating. Additionally, Transcend will showcase its DrivePro dashcam series, designed to capture high-quality images day and night, with additional features such as emergency recording, live video streaming via Wi-Fi connectivity, and a power-saving mode.

About COMPUTEX 2023

Founded in 1981, COMPUTEX is the largest IT exhibition in Asia and is ranked within the top 3 most popular tech exhibitions in the global ICT industry. With a huge variety of exhibitions, and countless devotees, thousands from around the world flock to Taiwan every year in order to get the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest technologies and products. This year, the event will feature a vast array of topics, not limited to HPC, artificial intelligence applications, next-gen connectivity, hyperreality, innovations and startups, and even environmental sustainability.
For more information, please visit the event website:

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